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What makes Array different from other service providers?

Array provides services to people of all ages.

We offer crisis management training to staff, families, and caregivers.

Array offers group therapy sessions for ABA.

Our providers have experience with various ages and diagnoses, and frequently collaborate with each other based on level of expertise.

What if I am not sure what I am looking for with my services?

Array offers a free consultation/Meet and Greet to those who might be interested in our services. A member of our clinical team will discuss more about our services, what we do at Array, answer questions, discuss where we conduct services and what might benefit the individual.

Can I request a specific therapist or therapist parameters?

We try to have a lot of flexibility in our service options, to best suit each person- the best way to explore what we may have for you specifically is for us to sit down and get to know each other so we can learn more about what you are looking for together.

What are Array’s service delivery areas?

Array provides in person services all along the front range and telehealth services are statewide.


Do you offer on-call or crisis services?

We do not currently offer on-call or crisis services. However, we will work closely with teams to create safety plans and behavior intervention plans to assist families and caregivers in crisis response. In addition, we will work to the best of our abilities to conduct services when crisis is most likely to occur to provide support when it may be needed most.


Does Array provide ABA to those without an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis?

Yes – there are several funding streams that do not require an ASD diagnosis to access ABA services. Additionally, our clinical team regularly works with varying diagnoses and we treat each individual as just that – an individual, regardless of diagnosis!


Do you provide services in day program or host home settings?

We do frequently collaborate with various providers in those settings, including direct support professionals and host home providers, to ensure best care of those we serve. Your BCBA will be able to determine the best settings for working towards goals and how best to include all of the support persons that work with an individual.


Do you provide trainings to community providers/organizations?

Yes! If your organization is interested in having a member of our clinical team provide a behavior services training to your staff or other stakeholders, please contact us for further information.

Do you provide supervision to those seeking BCBA/BCaBA certification?

Absolutely! We are happy to assist those seeking various BCBA certification types, by providing individual and group supervision, as well as providing various experiences to those seeking certification.