Introducing Array:

Your Partner In Lifelong Behavioral Health Excellence

Our Mission, Vision & Values

At Array, we recognize that every person is different, with unique backgrounds, experiences, and desires. We want to meet you where you are right now, by offering supports and services that empower you in all aspects of your life. Our team is comprised of skilled professionals prepared to work with individuals throughout their lifespan with diverse needs. 

Our Mission

Array provides individualized premier wrap-around services to obtain an optimal quality of life.


Our Values

Array’s core values that guide our culture, company strategy, and individual actions:


Well-being: In order to best support the individuals we serve, the mental and physical health of our team members is paramount.

We promise to advocate for team wellness by providing a culture of respect and recognition.


Authenticity: Genuine relationships ensuring and encouraging optimal outcomes.

We promise to provide an atmosphere fostering open and honest communication, allowing for accountability on an individual and organizational level.


Collaboration: We connect with a common purpose to consistently achieve our goals.

We promise to cultivate an environment encouraging respectful partnerships between team members, individuals, caregivers, and other stakeholders.


Excellence: The purposeful implementation of innovative practices.

We promise to provide a framework of innovative thinking utilizing relevant evidence-based practices in order to provide outstanding service.

About Our Team

At Array, our team isn’t just qualified; it’s exceptional, diverse, and deeply committed to your lifelong well-being. Each Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) on our team brings a unique blend of skills and experiences, encompassing not just traditional ABA therapy methods but innovative approaches tailored to individuals across the lifespan. With advanced degrees, continuous training, and a passion for client success, our professionals are more than practitioners—they’re advocates for your individual potential.


What sets us apart is our ability to adapt and customize, ensuring that you or your loved one receives care that’s not only scientifically sound but also profoundly personal. When you choose Array, you’re not just selecting a service; you’re partnering with a team that sees you as an individual first.


Trust in our expertise. Revel in our diversity. Take comfort in our compassion. Your journey to a brighter, more fulfilling life starts with the Array team. Contact us today to see the Array difference for yourself.